Every great product finds its beginning in the face of a unique problem. And every unique problem finds its solution in the details of a great idea. Here at Xtreme, our team of engineers use our reliable turnkey system to create a custom embedded microcontroller system that will turn your idea into reality.

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1. Engineering Process

2. Architecture Design

3. Schematic Entry


This is our brainstorming and planning time together. When you bring your idea to us, our team will sit with you and listen to your thoughts so we can understand your business model and what it will take for you to be successful. Our experienced engineers will ask you questions and help you think about each and every aspect of your product’s usefulness. We will also help you conduct market research for your idea and provide insights on how you might design it to prevent replication and ensure longevity, in both this product and its future generations.

We spend the most time in this phase because the more questions we can answer at this preliminary stage, the less changes you’ll have to make down the road. Our goal is it to get you to production cheaper, faster, and with cutting edge technology that will make your product a success long after you manufacture them.

Once everything is discussed and agreed upon in this phase, we will provide you with a block diagram of all the hardware components and a flow chart of all the software we intend to use to design your embedded microcontroller and make it work.


Once you approve the initial design, we will begin creating the schematics needed to build your design. During this phase, our engineers will introduce you to every possible option, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can make a well-informed and cost-effective decision for your product. If you have an app incorporated into your project model, we will also work with your designer or your manufacturer to make sure we provide the engineering needed to accommodate your product’s functionality.

Our schematics plans are tailor designed to help you see how everything specifically fits together and works. We use high end software tools such as Cadence OrCAD v17.2 for our custom designs we use Omninet by RSI for schematics previously created in a different tool. From our experience, these programs give us better and far more complicated design capabilities to give you the best possible plan for your product success.


Once the schematics are finalized, we arrange all the components that will be used during the manufacturing process and create an electronic model for your review. This will be your first look at how the electronics will interface with the mechanics and packaging of your product. We use Allegro by Cadence to design the model and we provide a Gerber file for viewing along with a 3D model depicted in a step file and a dxf 2D file that will help you make sure everything fits and meets your expectations.


After you’ve had a chance to review the conceptual layout design, we purchase your raw card PCB, the stencil, and the board components. Then we contract the assembly house to put your first board together.


When we get your first assembled raw card back in our hands, we load the software and test its functionality to make sure everything is communicating successfully. This allows us to make any necessary changes before we do thrifting to make sure we have offered you the least amount of the most affordable components to get you ready for production.

We write microcontroller software in C and assembly language. FPGA software is written in Verilog and VHOL.


Once everything is ready for production, we will provide you with a CD of the schematics, the Allegro board file, a bill of materials, the Gerber files, and data sheets for all the components for your microcontroller system. Once we turn that CD over to you, you own all the rights to what we have designed for you.

We will offer suggestions for reputable assembly houses so you can work directly with them to reduce costs and complete your project. It is our pleasure to serve as a liaison between you and the assembly house as part of our contract with you.


After you’ve received your assembled boards back from the assembly house, our team is available to work on-site with you to integrate your boards into your product. This ensures that everything fits and runs well.

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